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If you’re looking for a fun way to learn more about the food and beverages that are available in Canada, take a look at the Food and Beverages Canada website. This website is an excellent source for nutritional information, helpful cooking guides and food safety advice. Plus, it’s an excellent way to discover new food brands and try out new recipes!

Alcoholic beverages

The website of the Food and Beverages Canada website has a section under the menu of its website called “Food and Beverage Labeling” which is a comprehensive guide for food and beverage labeling in Canada. The website also has a “Resources” section which lists links to government bodies, food safety organizations, and other websites related to food and beverage safety and labeling.


In the early 1800s, hard cider was an important part of the diet of both colonists and Native Americans. Hops were added to the fermented apples to create a bitter taste that served to repel insect pests. But as the population started to grow, so did the popularity of hard cider.


Not to be forgotten are the beverages that are made with coffee! Instant coffee and pre-made coffee beverages are the two most popular coffee beverages consumed in North America. Most coffee beverages and instant coffee are made from ground coffee beans, hot water and a variety of flavorings. But, did you know that some coffee beverages are made from herbs, spices, fruits or vegetables?


There are many ways you can enjoy tea, from herb teas to black tea, from caffeine-free varieties to those that are naturally caffeine-free. You can enjoy teas hot or cold, simply as a drink or as an ingredient in other recipes. And with teas, you can choose from a variety of flavors, from earthy and herbal to fruity and exotic.

Fruit juice

The organization is responsible for developing and implementing food and beverage regulations, and for monitoring the safety of products to prevent foodborne illnesses. They also provide information to help consumers make educated choices about food and beverages, promote a healthy lifestyle, and support the Canadian food system.

Non-alcoholic beverages

Food and Beverages Canada is a website that provides information and tools to help promote healthy eating and drinking and to reduce the impact of alcohol on the body and mind. The website includes a What's in Your Drink? calculator so you can find out what's in your favourite beverages and how much added sugar and alcohol they contain. The website also offers information on how to reduce your alcohol intake and support your efforts to drink alcohol in moderation.

Milk substitutes

When it comes to the health benefits of milk, the data is clear: milk is rich in vitamins, minerals and protein. It may sound strange, but the casein protein in milk is actually linked to a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Plus, it has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, digestive disorders and some cancers.


The food and beverage industry is top-of-mind for many Canadians. In fact, the food and beverages the country produces and eats has a major impact on our health and local economies! In order to stay competitive and continue to grow, the food and beverage industry must innovate. Innovation involves implementing new technologies, such as automation, that help reduce costs and increase production while maintaining its nutritional value.

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