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Dominion Day

If you’re planning to eat out in Canada, you’ll definitely want to consider your options when it comes to food allergies. Fortunately, you’ll find that most restaurants are pretty accommodating and will always have a variety of options for you. In fact, many restaurants have allergy menus that list all of the ingredients used in their dishes, so you can check if any of your allergens are used before ordering.

Cheddar cheese

In addition to being a firm, delicious cheese made from cow’s milk, cheddar cheese is also the namesake of the province of New Brunswick. The first mention of cheddar cheese in North America was in an advertisement published in The New England Weekly Journal in 1751, which promoted the cheese as a cure for scurvy.

Maple syrup

Maple syrup is a hot commodity in North America, and that’s no accident! The sweetness of the syrup comes from naturally-occurring maple flavonoids, which include antioxidant properties and may help reduce cholesterol levels. Plus, the natural sugars in maple syrup are slowly absorbed by the body, meaning it does not cause sudden spikes in blood sugar levels as refined sugar does.

Baked beans

While some are still trying to figure out how to pronounce “baked beans”, the dish is a culinary cornerstone of early Canadian culture. References to “beans” date back to the 16th century when English colonists brought the crop to North America, and “baked” appears to have been added to the name in the late 1700s. Today, these small, dried navy or pinto beans are a cornerstone of any picnic, potluck or summer BBQ.


Poutine is a Quebecois dish that consists of French fries, cheese curds and gravy. While it may sound unappealing, everyone has different tastes, so if you aren’t a fan of potatoes or cheese, you might not like poutine.

Fresh berries

It’s hard to imagine a list of foods that are not available in Canada without thinking about the variety and amazing culinary options that are available. In fact, there are so many options, it can be a little overwhelming for first-time visitors to try and find the best of the best.


It’s no surprise that the great variety of produce available in Canada is also reflected in the cuisine. Whether you are looking for something exotic, like sushi or Vietnamese food, or something more familiar, like potatoes or pastas, you’ll find it in abundance.

Ice cream

As far as the different kinds of ice cream you can find in Canada, you won’t find too many flavors that you can’t find back home. Although you’ll definitely find some unique flavors in Canada, like the maple syrup flavor, you’ll still find pretty much the same flavors as you can get in the United States.


If you’re planning on trying some of the more unique foods in Canada, you’ll want to try some of the regional foods. While the country is best known for its multicultural foods, you can also find traditional foods from each of the provinces and territories, as well as foods unique to an area. Some of these foods are very regional, so you may only be able to find them in the region they were originally from. For example, you can find Newfoundland chocolates, New Brunswick butter tarts, and Quebec’s famous poutine.

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