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Dominion City Brewing Co. Proudly Presents...

Dominion Day


Swell Brews! SWELL BREWS! “Slug’er back! We’ve got not one but FOUR tasty new beers from the wort-lords at Dominion City Brewing Co.!” Badass Bands! BADASS BANDS! “Get your rockin’ pants on and then TAKE ‘EM OFF and then put ‘em on again, geez we don’t run that kind of operation!” Sausagedogs! SAUSAGEDOGS! “FIRST ONE’S FREE! Meat roll-ups! Tubesteaks! Pork roundies nestled in doughy slice’ems!” Local Chefs! LOCAL CHEFS! “Don’t just celebrate our fair country – EAT IT! Canadian-inspired deliciousness from the best chefs in town.” The Dominion Games! THE DOMINIONGAMES!  “See who’s the better, faster, stronger Canadian in Peach Basketball, Maple Syrup Tasting, Table Hockey & More!” A Friggin’ Goose, Holy! A FRIGGIN’ GOOSE, HOLY!




All stuff, no guff. You’re invited to a party so Canadian that it will make other Canada Day parties look Belgian by comparison! Try Dominion City’s newest beers, listen to live music, try amazing local food, and flex your patriotic muscles with games and feats of strength. Tickets go fast, so giv’er!

July 1st
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